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Main Central Thrust on Road to Malana from Parvati Valley


Roberto Weinberg
Monash University, Australia





The Main Central Thrust as exposed at the margin of the Kullu-Rampur window (see See Larji area in Eppard et al.). Contact between mylonitic clean white quartzite (several samples collected) and Chl-schist in footwall 32.0106N 77.24581E. The thrust strikes 056/27NW with a strong lineation towards 032 - 038 / 16 - 21 placing a clean quartzite on top of a schist. Over 1km thick myl on quartzite.




MCT view quartzite foliation
a) View up from Parvati valley towards the Malana valley to the west. Note the topographic difference between massive quartzite above the softer contours of the chlorite schist below. b) Massive, strongly foliated (and lineated) clean, white quartzite. Notice band with S-C fabric indicative of thrusting in the middle of the photograph.
quartzite lineation S-C fabric
c) Lineation on the foliation plane. Lx= 032 - 038 / 16 - 21. d) S-C fabric in a muscovite rich band in quartzite indicative of thrusting towards SSW (210).
S-C fabric in schist S-C fabric in schist
e) S-C fabric in Chl-schist in footwall of shear zone. f) Same.
S-C fabric in schist S-C fabric in schist
g) Away from the main shear zone, at the gates to the Malana Hydroelectric Power Plant, same quartzite but with lower shear intensity. More irregular dark laminae and a foliation at an angle to the main bedding. h) Detail.
S-C fabric in schist S-C fabric in schist
i) A few kilometres into and higher up in the valley on the power plant road, ripple marks (and cross-bedding) preserved in a very pure, clean, white quartzite (asymmetric). Sample of this rock, oriented. 32.01383N 77.2437E. j) Ripple marks.