Tobias Czauderna
Research Fellow

Monash University
Faculty of Information Technology



  • Immersive Analytics
  • SBGN-ED - Editing, Translating and Validating of SBGN Maps
  • SBGN - Systems Biology Graphical Notation
  • LibSBGN - Reference implementation of SBGN: diagram exchange format, library handling import/export and validation

Research Interests

  • Layout of biological networks
  • Modification of algorithms to better fit to the underlying hardware
  • Efficient implementation of algorithms on parallel hardware


2014 2013
  • F. Büchel, N. Rodriguez, N. Swainston, C. Wrzodek, T. Czauderna, R. Keller, F. Mittag, M. Schubert, M. Glont, M. Golebiewski, M. van Iersel, S. Keating, M. Rall, M. Wybrow, H. Hermjakob, M. Hucka, D. B. Kell, W. Müller, P. Mendes, A. Zell, C. Chaouiya, J. Saez-Rodriguez, F. Schreiber, C. Laibe, A. Dräger, N. Le Novère:
    Large-scale generation of computational models from biochemical pathway maps
    BMC Systems Biology, 7:116, 2013 [DOI] [HTML] [PDF] [BIB]
  • M.P. van Iersel, A.C. Villéger, T. Czauderna, S.E. Boyd, F.T. Bergmann, A. Luna, E. Demir, A. Sorokin, U. Dogrusöz, Y. Matsuoka, A. Funahashi, M.I. Aladjem, H. Mi, S.L. Moodie, H. Kitano, N. Le Novère, F. Schreiber:
    Software support for SBGN maps: SBGN-ML and LibSBGN
    Bioinformatics, 28(15):2016-2021, 2012 [DOI] [HTML] [PDF] [BIB]
2011 2010 2008 2007
  • G. Hensel, C. Marthe, A. Kusserow, A. Himmelbach, N. Borisjuk, S. Goedeke, E. Kapusi, I. Otto, C. Kaydamov, S. Broeders, T. Czauderna, N. Stein, I. Saalbach, P. Schweizer, J. Kumlehn:
    Transgenic barley in applied research and biotechnology
    Journal für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit, 2(Supplement 1):104, 2007
2006 2004 2003
  • T. Czauderna:
    Implementation künstlicher neuronaler Netze auf Parallelcomputern unter Berücksichtigung spezifischer Hardwareeigenschaften
    Master Thesis, University of Magdeburg, 2003
  • J. Machotka, Z. Nedic, T. Czauderna, P. Kaewsane, T. H. Vo:
    Postgraduate students' involvement in the development of a remote laboratory for undergraduate teaching
    Proceedings 6th Baltic Region Seminar on Engineering Education, pp. 149-152, UICEE, 2002


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

ICSB 2015
20/08/2015 - 26/08/2015
Shanghai, China

20/04/2015 - 24/04/2015
Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany

Phone: +61 3 990 50518

Visiting address
Monash University
Clayton Campus
New Horizons Building
20 Research Way
Office 318.7

Postal address
Clayton School of IT
Monash University
Wellington Road
Clayton, VIC 3800

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