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Welcome to Tianhai Tian's Homepage

Tianhai Tian

Associate Professor / ARC Future Fellow
School of Mathematical Sciences
Monash University
Melbourne Vic 3800

Email: tianhai.tian@sci.monash.edu.au
Phone: +61-3-99054474
Fax: +61-3-99054403

Research interest

  1. Computational biology and bioinformatics
    • Stochastic modelling of genetic regulatory networks
    • Mathematical modelling of cell signalling transduction pathways
    • Mathematical modelling of tumour robustness and cancer therapy
    • Inference of regulatory networks from different types of omics datasets
  2. Computational Sciences
    • Numerical methods for solving stiff stochastic differential equations
    • Computation in mathematical finance
    • Computational statistics and Big Data analysis
    • Stochastic algorithms for simulating discrete biological systems
    • Parallel computing