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Australian Reference Group for Interoperability of Language Resources


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 Data category standards in language technology research infrastructure University of Sydney April 23-24.



The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) is charged with improving the management of research data in Australia and improving the accessibility of such data. The latter aim includes and implies the exploitation of data generated and stored in Australia by scholars outside of Australia , either independently or in collaboration with Australian scholars. ANDS organised a workshop in Brussels (June 30 2012) which had the aim of facilitating discussions between Australian and European Union (EU) bodies around questions of interoperability and data sharing. One of the disciplinary areas represented in this workshop was language research; in this area, the Australian representatives were Walsh (AIATSIS), Barwick (PARADISEC) and Musgrave (Australian National Corpus), while the EU representatives were Krauwer (CLARIN), Wittenburg (MPI, Nijmegen) and Drude (The Language Archive, MPI Nijmegen). At this meeting, one of the areas flagged for attention was the issue of identifying codes for languages for use in resource description and recovery.

One action agreed at the Brussels meeting was that ANDS would fund a workshop in Australia which would consider the question of identifying codes for languages in more detail. The workshop was held in Newcastle on February 9 2013; Drude and Simons were international participants whose presence was of great importance and value. The program and presentations from the workshop are available on this site. In final discussions at the workshop, the reference group was informally constituted (see link for membership and institutional / organisational affiliations) and various actions were agreed to.












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