Dr Simon Angus (Associate Professor, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

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Dr SIMON ANGUS BA, BSci (Hons), PhD UNSW joined the Department of Economics, Monash University, as a Lecturer in 2008 after working for two years as a lecturer in in the School of Economics, UNSW. In Jan 2018 he was made Associate Professor of Economics at Monash. His PhD dissertation entitled, 'Economic Networks: Communication, Cooperation & Complexity' extended a game theoretic analysis of network formation, and agent behaviour on dynamic, ad-hoc networks. He has a keen interest in the Science of Complexity arising from his diverse background across science and engineering, which has so far resulted in research projects spanning self-organising polymer films, systems biology models of cancer, complex-adaptive neural regulation of fatigue, and a novel open-ended evolutionary approach to technology networks. Recent and current projects include the study of coordination outcomes under coalitional updating in social networks and its application to evolutionary anthropology and cognitive science, and the study of human behaviour from global internet activity. Simon has an affiliation with the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) (NM, USA) through being selected to attend workshop and summer school residential programs in 2004 and 2007 as a doctoral student. Simon also has a strong interest in the scholarly approach to best-practice teaching and learning. In 2011 Simon was recognised by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council with a Citation for Outstanding teaching. In 2010 he launched a new resource for Economics students, EconomicsNow! (http://www.econnow.com/) which features podcasts and articles on Economic Development, Climate Change and Economics thinking in general. He's written extensively about his experiences introducing summative peer-review at the Open Learning blog.

Simon, c.Apr 2008

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