Dr Santiago Barrera Acevedo

School of Mathematics - Monash University

9 Rainforest Walk, Victoria 3800

email: santiago.barrera.acevedo (at) monash.edu

phone: +61 9905 4480

About me

I'm a lecturer in the School of Mathematics at Monash University, Melbourne - Australia, and a member of the school equity diversity and inclusion committee. My research interest is the interplay between algebra and combinatorics, particularly the emerging area of algebraic design theory. My current research focuses on the construction and classification of cocyclic Hadamard matrices and other orthogonal designs.


Areas of mathematics I'm interested in: algebra, algebraic design theory, category theory, combinatorial design theory, difference sets and relative difference sets, group cohomology, group theory, Hadamard matrices, orthogonal designs, representation theory of finite groups, sequences and arrays with good autocorrelation.


I'm the chief examiner, coordinator, and lecturer for Foundation Mathematics for Engineering ENG1090. I'm the chief examinar, coordinator and lecturer for MTH3150 Rings and Fields. I'm regularly involved in the lecturing and tutoring of MTH2141/3141 Group Theory.


Sscroll down for publications.


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