The AIRMEC type 871 ZD 00783 Oscillator Test No1  CT212

This signal generator covers 85Khz to 32Mhz in 7 bands, providing carrier, AM and FM modulation.
It has a precision attenuator and has a highly ruggesdised cast aluminium case that is fully sealed.

The construction method and techniques is strongly suggestive of Bristish Larkspur series of military radio equipment . it can be powered by mains or battery.  The navy grey colour scheme is highly suggestive of having been made for the naval market, however naval equipment is never so heavily ruggedised or even fully sealed.  Internally it has been constructed from quality mil spec components and construction is off the highest quality.

I purchased this unit for $10 at a hamfest about ten years ago and has proven very usefull in keeping my other military radios going.  However, it is a bit sick now, there is a large amount of hum causing FM modulation and it isnt power supply related.

There is one and only one design deficiency in this unit that annoys me. The Tuning control on the front panel is mechanically coupled to the dial and variable capacitor through a rubber friction drive. This , I suspect, was designed to prevent backlash and permit easy assembly of the front panel assembly to the oscillator sub chassis. Over the years the rubber drive wheel has lost its tackyness and it is quite hard to set the frequency precisely. otherwise, given half an hour to warm up and thermally stabilise its frequency stability is rock solid , as you would expect from its biuld quality.

Mine still gets used to do actual work. Not bad for a piece of kit approaching 50 years.

but now, thanks to the hard work of the people at VMARS, the complete EMER (manual to you! ) is available here   at 
some of the key words  for documentation,  EMER Tels Z341 Z342 Z344  and also T&M F142   . Look for documents numbers 1287,1288,1289 and 1290  which are complete and contain the schematics.
They are a free download, but as they are copyrighted to VMARS I cannot host the files here.

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