Warning : these simple tips come from a hobbyist with no formal art/animation training or experience. Don't take them too seriously.

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Simplified Animation Preview

Line of action

One principle often shown in traditional 2D animation instruction books is the use of a line-of-action to create stronger poses for your character.
Why not build a line-of-action directly into your Moho character by creating a separate layer for it ?

You can animate your line-of action to get a very simple animation preview of how your animation will move

Stick figure preview

Something I've seen in tutorials for drawing 2D cartoon figures, and often adaptated as a 3D animation technique, is the use of a simplified stick figure.

Why not consider building one of these into your character too ?

Just animate the simple spline-based stick figure until you're happy with the animation, then move your bones to match.

Alternatively, hook up the stick figure to your main character bones, so you can animate the bones and animate this stick figure for a simple preview of your animation. You can concentrate on creating and strengthening your body animation before moving onto more subtle animation tasks such as facial animation and minor tweaking of body shapes and outlines.

(Example stick figure images not yet prepared)