PhD and postdoctoral opportunities are occasionally available to work on various experimental and theoretical projects at the Micro/Nanophysics Research Laboratory at RMIT University. Current research is focused on elucidating a fundamental understanding of novel phenomena at the micro/nano scales and on the development of micro/nano-electro-mechanical and microfluidic/nanofluidic devices for a wide spectrum of biomedical engineering applications. Amongst the projects currently being pursued are micron/submicron aerosol or particle generation for pulmonary drug delivery using electric and acoustic fields, biomaterials synthesis for tissue/orthopaedic engineering and wound care therapy, micro-actuation with nanometer accurate precisioning, micro-mixing for high throughput drug screening microarrays, DNA stretching and manipulation, and, bioparticle concentration/separation for pathogen detection in biosensors. There will therefore be significant potential for the student or research associate to make a significant impact in this area of MEMS/NEMS and microfluidics.
Currently, postgraduate stipends are available to support research students towards the award of a 3-year PhD degree. Postgraduate awards such as the Australian Postgraduate Awards, the Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships and several RMIT University Postgraduate Scholarship schemes are available to cover the fees for international students. Those interested in postdoctoral research are also encouraged to inquire about possible opportunities, funding schemes at both university, national and international level for which are available.
Candidates for the PhD programme are expected to have obtained a good first degree (or equivalent) in Chemical/Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics or a related discipline. Candidates for the postdoctoral research associateship should have submitted or are about to submit a PhD thesis and have a strong publication record.
Those interested are invited to contact Professor Leslie Yeo for further information (Tel.: + 61 3 9925 2596; Fax: + 61 3 9925 3242).

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PhD & Postdoctoral Research Positions Available