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From: Eureka Endo - eureka at suse com  25 September 1998

A Fully Integrated Collection of Office Tools for Linux

Oakland California, 25 September, 1998:
S.u.S.E., Inc. today announced the release of Linux Office Suite 99 - a comprehensive software package that combines the latest in Linux technology with some of the most powerful, user-friendly applications on the open-source market.

S.u.S.E.'s Linux Office Suite 99 includes a spreadsheet, word processor, presentation graphics, database, fax program, and many other critical business applications.

"Serious computer users have been calling for an integrated, 'out-of-the-box' office suite for Linux for quite some time," said Scott McNeil, president of S.u.S.E. North America. "Truly, Linux now has an office suite competitive with Microsoft Windows products. S.u.S.E.'s Linux Office Suite is affordable, functional, and easy to use."

Linux Office Suite 99 comes with the latest version of Applixware 4.4.1, which includes Applix Words, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Presents, and HTML Author, as well as Applix Data and Applix Builder. Applixware's latest release delivers a new filtering framework that has been optimized for document interchange with Microsoft Office 97.

In addition, Linux Office Suite 99 integrates Applixware with the powerful ADABAS D 10.0 database system, enabling users to import data from the ADABAS D database into Applix Spreadsheets. Linux Office Suite 99 also contains the KDE and GNOME graphical desktops, S.u.S.E. fax, the personal edition of the backup utility ARKEIA 4.0, the popular GIMP graphics program, and many other features.

Linux Office Suite is compatible with S.u.S.E., Red Hat, Caldera, and other popular versions of Linux. Users who need to install Linux for the first time can do so quickly and easily with the base system of S.u.S.E. Linux 5.3 that is included with the Office Suite.

S.u.S.E.'s Linux Office Suite 99 is scheduled to ship on October 12, 1998. Ordering information is available at 1-888-875-4689 and on S.u.S.E.'s web site at []. The Linux Office Suite will also be available through most major computer retail outlets and other resellers at a suggested retail price of $79.95.

About S.u.S.E., Inc.

S.u.S.E. is the #1 distribution of Linux in Europe. S.u.S.E. Linux is highly acclaimed for setting new standards in ease of installation, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. S.u.S.E. has consistently maintained full services and support to meet the needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes, from SOHO to IT departments of large enterprises.

The proven quality, stability, and comprehensiveness of S.u.S.E. Linux have made S.u.S.E. the choice of over 30,000 business customers. S.u.S.E. has recently placed new emphasis on its North American operations, and is quickly gaining popularity in the US and Canada among newcomers, seasoned professionals, and home users alike. More information on S.u.S.E. is available at [web].

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