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  • [buffer] -- bounded buffer process
  • [factorial] -- in parallel ||
  • [server] -- and clients
  • [merge sort]
  • [Prime numbers] -- || sieve
  • [Hamming numbers] -- by || processes
  • [pass actions] -- etc. down channels
  • Deadlock
    let ch1=chan, ch2=chan
    in ch1!1 -> ch2!2 -> stop ||
       ch2?x -> ch1?y -> output!x+y -> stop
    { Deadlock. }
    -- one process wants to interact on ch1 and then (->) on ch2, the other one v.v..--(
|| factorial:

Coding Ockham's Razor, L. Allison, Springer

A Practical Introduction to Denotational Semantics, L. Allison, CUP

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|   choice
|| parallel
-> sequence
? input act
! output act
chan new channel

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