Computer Science (CS) & Software Engineering (SE) 2005

  U fac+/- dept+/- yr1+/- algorithms and data structures
  Cambridge n.a. CompLab (courses) (1A,1b,2) yr1+, C, ML, Java I2Alg, DSA (hb) C,
Manchester sciE cs (courses) units cs1011, Linux, xp, Java cs2012_ADS, C/C++
U.York n.a. dcs, courses, (modules) PoP Scheme, ADS Ada? ADS(y1)
U. Toronto a+s dcs (curr') csc148H1 (more), csc150H1, C++, Java, Turing, Pascal csc263H1(DS) (more), csc265H1(DS+) etc.
Stanford U. eng CS, cs-major autumn, winter, spring, summer, cs161-D-Algs, cs107-PP C++, cs361B Adv Alg, cs365-RA
  U.Adelaide ecms cs level-1 Java level-2 inc A+DS, L3 inc prog tech
ANU feit DCS (csl) COMP1100 BSEng inc COMP2220 A+DS
U.Melb eng csse 433-171 C, 433-172 C/ Haskell, 433-152 C/ Haskell 433-253 Alg+DS (level-2)
Monash U. IT csse CSE1301, CSE1303, C CSE2304 Alg+DS
UNSW eng cse COMP1011 Haskell, COMP1021 COMP2011 Data Org, COMP2711 Higher Data Org, COMP3121 Alg + Prog
UQ epsa itee ? COMP2502 Alg+DS & more
U.Sydney sci it (units) ? COMP2160/ COMP2860
UWA ecm csse CS124 Java, 230.223 DS+A, 230.300 Alg
[Computing Curricula 2005, Overview Report](pdf), [draft11/22/'04](pdf) ACM/ AIS/ IEEE-CS, 22 Nov 2004.,
[Computing Curriculum - Software Engineering](pdf) May 2004.
[Computing Curricula 2001 Computer Science Volume], Dec 2001.
CACM, vol.48(9), Sept. 2003:
  K. Devlin, Why universities require computer science students to take math..   K. B. Bruce, R. L. Scot Drysdale, C. Kelemen, A. Tucker, Why math?.   P. B. Henderson, Mathematical reasoning in software engineering education.   V. L. Almstrum, What is the attraction to computing?.
Computational Science: Ensuring America's Competitiveness, President's Information Technology Advisory Committee, 6/2005.

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