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CSE2304, Tutorial #1, semester 1, 2000
Group A: week 2, 6 March...
Group B: week 3, 13 March...

Tutors: The purpose of the tutorials is not to solve the prac's!

  1. Give the truth tables for the logical operators `and', `or', `=>' (implies).

  2. Recap the properties of the Abstract Data Type (ADT) [..../tildeAlgDS/List/].
    Note the fact that most programming languages, and particularly Lisp, use the noun `nil' for the special list-terminating pointer value, and the adjective `null' for the predicate `equals nil', but C has to be different, of course!

  3. The function map, also known as ``apply to all'', is defined as e.g. map sqr [1,2,3] = [1,4,9]
    compose, `o', is defined as
    1. (f o g)(x) = f(g(x))
    e.g. (sqr o plus1)(6) = 49

    Prove formally that map (f o g) L = ((map f) o (map g)) L, for all functions f and g, and for all Lists L.

  4. Derive a program to solve the longest non-decreasing segment problem from the programming [Question-List].

  5. Give a logical argument as to why the previous program (i) terminates and (ii) is correct.

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