^CSE2304^ <1998 (CSC2040, K.M.)< [1999 progress]

Plan 1999

The best laid plans of mice and men...

  1. admin, lectures, labs (see prac #1), assessment, www, Linux / Unix, C.
    The idea of an `abstract data type' (ADT), e.g. int, stack, queue, binary tree.
    Tree traversals, recursive prefix, infix & postfix, and breadth-first (probably run into L2).
  2. Recursion, e.g. Fibonacci, exponential-, linear- & log-time, non-recursive. Towers of Hanoi.
  3. Binary tree, binary search tree, insertion, deletion. Parse tree, parser, recursive descent.

  4. Dynamic Programming (~2)
  5. Sorting (~4)
  6. Tables and searching (~4)
    inc' AVL and other balanced trees
  7. Numerical (~2)
  8. Graphs (~5)

  9. Applications of A's + DS's (~3)
    e.g. polygon fitting?

  10. Revision (1)

NB. Subject to change without notice!

L.Allison, 1st semester 1999, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Monash University, Australia.