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%T Int. Coll. on Theoretical Aspects of Computing
%K ICTAC, ICTAC16,2019, ICTAC17,2020, ICTAT18,2021,
   CFP,conf,TCS,theory,www,HREF,http, zz0521, zz0522
%X 18th [6-10 Sept 2021] Kazakhstan, deadline 14 May 2021
   17th [30 Nov - 4 Dec 2020] Macau, deadline 22 June 2020
   16th [2019, 30/Oct-4/11] Tunisia, deadline 12 May 2019

%T Int. Symp. Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming
%K PPDP,        PPDP21,2021, PPDP22,2020, PPDP21,2019,
   PPDP20,2018, PPDP19,2017, PPDP18,2016, PPDP17,2015, PPDP16,2014, PPDP15,2013,
   PPDP14,2012, PPDP13,2011, PPDP12,2010, PPDP10,2008, PPDP8,2006, PPDP7,2005,
   CFP,conf,FP,LP,sigplan, zz0522, zz0521
%X [2021 Sep 6-8], Tallinn & online, deadline 8/5/2021
   [2020 Sep 8-10] Bologna, deadline 18 May 2020
   [2019 Oct 7-9], Porto, deadline 26/4/2019
   . . .
   [2005 July 11-13] Lisbon, deadline 22/2/2005 12p ACM conf
   Logic, Constraint, Functional Programming; Database, AI and Knowledge
   Representation Languages; ...; Programming Environments.
   ACM-SIGPLAN International Symposium on ...

%A B. Rost
%T Twilight zone of protein sequence alignments
%J Protein Eng., Design and Seln
%V 12
%N 2
%P 85-94
%D 1999
%K jrnl, MolBio, c1999, c199x, c19xx, zz0521, protein, sequence, alignment,
   twilight zone
%X "Seq. al. unambiguously distinguish between protein pairs of similar and
   non-similar structure when the pairwise seq. identity is high (> 40% for long
   alignments). The signal gets blurred in the twilight zone of 20-35% seq.
   identity. Here, more than a million seq. al. were analysed ..."
   -- [doi:10.1093/protein/12.2.85]['21].
   (NB. sequence *identity*.)
   [Also search for: MolBio protein alignment].

%A Yang Zhou
%A et al
%T Platypus and echidna genomes reveal mammalian biology and evolution
%J Nature
%V 592
%P 756-762
%D 2021
%K jrnl, MolBio, biol, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0521, mammal, therian, monotreme,
   platypus, Ornithorhynchus anatinus, echidna, Tachyglossus aculeatus,
   Australia, genome, nGenome, chromosome, sex. multiX, multiY
%X "... generate and analyse reference genomes of the platypus (Ornithorhynchus
   anatinus) & echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus), which represent the only two
   extant monotreme lineages ... We provide evidence that the monotreme sex
   chromosome complex originated from an ancestral chromosome ring
   configuration ..."
   -- [doi:10.1038/s41586-020-03039-0]['21].

%A B. Halford
%T Pfizer unveils its oral SARS-CoV-2 inhibitor
%J Chemical & Engineering News (ISSN 0009-2347)
%V 99
%N 13
%D 2021
%K MolBio, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0521, PF-07321332, PF07321332, SARS2,
   SARS-CoV-2, SARSCoV2, Mpro, 3CLpro, protease, inhibitor, drug
%X "... The compound, which is currently in Phase 1 clinical trials, is the
   first orally administered compound in the clinic that targets the main
   protease ..."
   -- [www]['21].
   [Also search for: MolBio 3CLpro inhibitor].

%A M. Elsman
%A N. Hallenberg
%T Integrating region memory management
%V 31
%N e4
%D 2021
%K jrnl, JFP, FP, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0521, garbage collection, GC,
   memory management, region, generation, MLton, MLkit
%X "We present a region-based memory management scheme with support for
   generational garbage collection. The scheme features a compile-time region
   inference alg., which associates values with logical regions ..."
   -- [doi:10.1017/S0956796821000010]['21].

%A J. Taylor
%T Melbourne professor quits after health department pressures her over
   data breach
%J The Guardian
%D 2020
%K newspaper, c2020, c202x, c20xx, zz0521, Australia, University of Melbourne,
   UniMelb, Vanessa Teague, data, privacy, deidentification, reidentification,
   Medicare, medical, federal government, health department, PBS, MBS, data,
%X 8 March 2020: "... an open government data website by the federal government,
   of 2.5 million Australians' Medicare & PBS payment history dating back to
   1984 that had supposedly been de-identified so people were anonymous. Teague
   & her colleagues reported that the dataset had several samples where people
   were able to be identified. ... Beauchamp [health dept secretary] also
   requested Teague cease her work on the dataset. ..."
   -- [www][8/3/2020].
   Also see 'MBS/PBS data publication 23 March 2018'
   "On 1 August 2016, the Department of Health published on a
   collection of Medicare Benefits Schedule and Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule
   related data. The data consisted of claims information for a 10% sample of
   people who had made a claim for payment of Medicare Benefits since 1984, or
   for payment of Pharmaceutical Benefits since 2003. ..."
   -- OAIC [www]['21].
   [Also search for: data reidentification].

%A S. Gakkhar
%A M. Marcolli
%T Syntactic structures and the general Markov models
%J arXiv
%D 2021
%K TR, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0521, syntax, syntactic structures, Markov model,
   evolution, trees, human, natural language, linguistics
%X "... studying syntactic structures data from Longobardi (2017b), Collins
   (2010), Ceolin et al. (2020) & Koopman (2011) using general Markov models
   initiated in Shu et al. (2017), exploring the question of how consistent the
   data is with the idea that general Markov models. The ideas explored ... are
   more generally applicable than to the setting of syntactic structures, & can
   be used when analyzing consistency of data with general Markov models.
   Additionally, we give an interpretation of the methods of Ceolin et al.
   (2020) as an infinite sites evolutionary model & compare it to the Markov
   model & explore each in the context of evolutionary processes acting on human
   language syntax.
   -- 2104.08462@[arXiv]['21].
   [Also search for: natural language evolution].

%A S. M. Fleming
%T Know Thyself: The Science of Self-Awareness
%I BasicBooks
%P 304
%D 2021
%K book, text, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0521, mind, self, consciousness,
   awareness, metacognition, thought, thinking
%X 1st ed 2021; hb us $20; uk us isbn:1541672844; uk us isbn13:978-1541672840
   "... Metacognition, or thinking about thinking, is the most important tool
   we have for understanding our own mind. ..."

%A Zuhe Zhang
%A B. Rubinstein
%A C. Dimitrakakis
%T On the differential privacy of Bayesian inference
%D 2015
%K c2015, c201x, c20xx, zz0521, differential privacy, stats, network, BN, Bnet,
   graphical model
%X "... how to communicate findings of Bayesian inference to third parties,
   while preserving the strong guarantee of differential privacy. ... four
   different algs. for private Bayesian inference on probabilistic graphical
   models. These include two mechanisms for adding noise to the Bayesian
   updates, either directly to the posterior parameters, or to their Fourier
   transform so as to preserve update consistency. We also utilise a recently
   introduced posterior sampling mechanism, for which we prove bounds for the
   specific but general case of discrete Bayesian networks ..."
   -- [inr'a]['21],
   Also see DP@[wikip]['21].
   [Also search for: differential privacy].

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