Dr Rimma Lapovok
Title: Senior Research Fellow  It's me
E-mail: rimma.lapovok@eng.monash.edu.au
Mail: Dr. R. Lapovok, Monash University, 
Materials Engineering Department, 
Clayton, Vic, 3168, Australia.
Phone: (61) (3) 9905-92-94
Fax: (61) (3) 9905-49-40 


Double education in Mechanics of Solids (Ural State University - Russia) and Metal Working Processes (Ural Politechnical Institute - Russia). PhD in Metal Working Processes.

Academic Experience:

Areas of Expertise:

The areas of expertise include deformation modelling, plasticity, damage mechanics, thermomechanical modelling, materials processing and manufacturing.

Scientific interests include models of nonisothermal plastic flow, phenomenological theory of the fracture of metals, models for micro- and macrodamage of metal in metal forming processes. Applications to the design parameters of heavy machinery including metal working machinery, aerospace equipment and technological parameters of metallurgical processes.


79 publications: 51 refereed papers; 28 conference papers.

Personal Interests:

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