In The Wild

Dave Faulkner

E (hammer on the B note of the A string)

                          E   A  E
I will drive down Highway One. 
                           E   A  E
It's the end that's just begun. 
D       E        D  E
And I'm cruising 110, 
D     E             D          E
Going nowhere - the road is my best friend 
D          E         D         E
White Line Fever has got in my blood 
D     E     D            E
I'm a river running full flood. 

One road all around this land, 
Like the lifeline in my hand. 
Out from nowhere the radio sings of 
Distant memories that tug on my heartstrings. 
I feel twisted, feeling uptight, 
As her face keeps fading from sight

In the Wild
In the Wild
In the Wild


D  E  (repeat)
C  A  E   (twice)

See me spinning out in the sun
I will burn on Highway One. 
I'm just burning in the sun,
I can't stop until she comes. 
In the Wild. 
It's so dry. 

E       A       E
So dry, it's so dry

Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission.

Transcribed by Brad Launikonis

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