Show Some Emotion

Dave Faulkner

G  Em  G  C  (twice)

G       Em    G C
Show me some emotion,
G Em      G          D
I need to know right now
C         Em        D
How can I read your mind?
C        Em      D      G   C  Em
Truly my love is blind

D        G         C      Em           D  G  C  Em
You must know I've fallen hard for you
D       G           C   Em       D  G  C  Em
But you don't react as if you do
F                  C                     A
And your eyes just seem to look straight through
But I see you

Show me some emotion,
I cannot understand
There is no need to hide
All that you feel inside
Show some emotion
Why are you waiting for?
How can I read your mind?
Truly my love is blind

Did somebody hurt you once before?
There are other friendships left for you to explore
You play your cards close to your chest,
What you're thinking I can only guess
Here is my request (it's just this: )
Show me some emotion

Show me your emotion
How can I read your mind?
Truly my love must be blind
My love is blind

Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission.

Transcribed by Leon Troeth

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