Dave Faulkner

In the valley, hidden valley
Secret world below
Is Her kingdom glowing crimson
By the lava flow

I was captured, bound, enraptured
Kneeling at Her feet
Then She beckoned. in a second
My life was complete

A         G     E
Is She my girl? She
A         G     E
She is my girl. She

On the mountain springs the fountain
Of eternal youth
I was taken, to awaken
To an ancient truth

She's the dreaming with no meaning
In the light of day
And my senses sleep defenceless
As She slips away

Is She my girl? She
She is my girl. She

E  D  E  G x4

A         G     E
Is She my girl? She, She
A         G     E
She is my girl. She, She
E D   E G   E D  E G  E
She,  She,  She, She

Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission.

Transcribed by Scott Patterson

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