Poison Pen

Dave Faulkner

E                 D                 E     D
"Dear John", so begins a famous old story
"Goodbye / au-revoir / thanks for the memory."
Keep it short and sweet if you really care. 

D-l-Vor-C-E can be so hurtful, 
It makes public property of things that are so personal. 
All the friends and family grab their share. 

       E                  D
Ink is black, as black as night, 
         E                      D
Black as thoughts that shun the light. 
           E             D             
Truth will out and maybe then 
           A                G
You'll put down that poison pen. 
       E   D
Poison pen. 

Everyone enjoys sharing a rumour 
But when it's aimed at you it loses its humour. 
Sometimes words so innocent cut so deep. 
Everybody keeps telling me, "talk is cheap"
Sometimes words so innocent - they cut so deep. 

Black as night, as black as coal, 
Black as thoughts that cast a shadow
Right across my soul.
I thought that you were my friend
Until you picked up that poison pen. 

Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission.

Transcribed by Leon Troeth

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