Hayride To Hell

Dave Faulkner

D                                          Am       Em
Charlie was a driver and he hardly spent a night at home
   D                                                      Am     Em
He rarely saw his family, trucking loads those long weeks on the road
                  G                        Em
And Charlie would drive (and Charlie would drive)
              G                    Em
For miles and miles (for miles and miles)
C      Am      Em
oh oh, whoah-oh

Charlie had a teenage daughter he thought of as a little girl
But one day he came home his little girl had grown-up news to tell
"Oh Daddy", she cried ("Oh Daddy" she cried)
"Oh Daddy, I tried  ("Oh Daddy, I tried)
But on the hayride how I fell
That was a hayride bound for Hell"

Now Billy Jackson was the father but he wasn't man enough to own
And his daddy was the mayor and he said
"Charlie, just leave my Billy-boy alone"
Billy had to hide (Billy had to hide)
But there was guilt inside (There was guilt inside)
And you can't hide from yourself
That's just a hayride bound for Hell

D  Em  D  Em 
G  Em  G  Em
C  Am  Em

D                                                    Am        Em
Charlie's daughter died whilst giving birth to Billy Jackson's child
          D                                              Am      Em
And Billy Jackson ain't been seen around these parts for quite a while

And Charlie would drive
For miles and miles
And his tail-lights say farewell
He's a hayride bound for Hell

Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission.

Transcribed by Scott Patterson

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