Mars Needs Guitars!

Dave Faulkner/James Baker/Mark Kingsmill/Clyde Bramley/Brad Shepherd

[progression 1 - riff second time]

I'm primitive, I'm a primitive man 
I got a primitive girl, we make primitive love
I'm a stoneage Romeo, I got a spaceage Juliet 
We make primitive love, 'cause I ain't got a T.V. set.

[progression 2]
[progression 1 with riff]

I'm primitive that's what I am 
I'm your primate, I wanna be your man 
I want you woman, you know I'm hip 
Fly me to Venus, in a real gone rocket ship. 

[progression 2 - three times]

I'm primitive
You know what that means...


[progression 1 with riff]

I'm a primitive man, I said I am!
You're up to date, but I can't wait
I'm a stoneage Romeo, be my spaceage Juliet
We'll take guitars to Mars, and hit the discoteque!

Come on!
I'm primitive
I mean it baby - speak my language?
Man, you're out of this world
So like, your cave or mine?      (Mars needs guitars!)
You don't like this long hair?   (Mars needs guitars!)
Man, dig that crazy ...          (Mars needs guitars!)
Primitive                        (Mars needs guitars!)
I ain't no square

[progression 1]
    F     G  Bb  G  F  G  Bb  G
D |-3--3--5--8---5--3--6--8---5-|
A |-3--3--5--8---5--3--6--8---5-|
E |-1--1--3--6---3--1--4--6---3-|

[progression 2]
     C  D  F   D     C  D  F   G   F
G |--5--7--10--7--|--5--7--10--12--10--|
D |--5--7--10--7--|--5--7--10--12--10--|
A |--3--5--8---5--|--3--5--8---10--8---|
E |---------------|--------------------|

Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission.

Transcribed by Brad Launikonis

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