Death Defying

Dave Faulkner

D  Em  G  D  (twice)

D                      Em  G     D
Ever since the world began - ooh wee
D                          Em    G     D
Men have sailed to foreign lands - ooh wee
D                             Em    G     D
And the fortunes that they've found - ooh wee
D                     Em     G     D
Are now buried in the ground - ooh wee

Some would say the ocean roars - ooh wee
As it stumbles to the shore - ooh wee
But to me it only sings - ooh wee
Of the sorrow that it brings  - ooh wee

[riff 1 (four times)]
All my friends are dead 
           G     D
Or they're dying
[riff 1 (four times)]     G     D
Empty laughter turns into crying
             G     D  A
It's death-defying

Well, I barely learned to swim - ooh wee
Just enough to save my skin - ooh wee
Now I'll never sail alone - ooh wee
And my harbour is my home - ooh wee

D  Em  G  D  (four times)

All our friends are dead 
Or they're dying, 
And our laughter only turns into crying, 
It's death-defying. 

If there's one thing that I've learned - ooh wee
It's the point of no return - ooh wee
And if that's to be our fate - ooh wee
Now's no time to hesitate - ooh wee

D  Em  G  D  (six times)

[Riff 1]
G -2--2--2--2--
D -2--2--2--2--
A -0--0--3--4--
E -------------

Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission.

Transcribed by Scott Patterson

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