Completed Research Students


  1. Shamsuddin Ladha, PhD, “Visually Appealing and Intelligent Projection with Natural Interaction”, Joint Supervisor with Prof. Sharat Chandran (IITB, India), Completed 2013, Monash University, dual badged with IITB, Monash-IITB Research Academy.


  1. Kareem Elgindy, PhD, “Gegenbauer collocation integration methods: advances in computational optimal control theory”, (Main Supervisor; Associate Supervisor Boris Miller), Completed 2013, Monash University


  1. Carolina Segovia, M.Sc., “Integration of Data Mining, Game Theory and Optimization for Tackling Crime”, (Sole Supervisor), Completed 2012, Monash University.


  1. Nur Insani, M.Sc., “On the suitability of graph colouring formulations and heuristics”, (Main supervisor), Completed 2012, Monash University


  1. Susan Bedingfield, PhD, “Evolutionary Rule Generation for Classification and Prediction”, (Main Supervisor), Completed 2010, Monash University


  1. Laura Villanova, PhD, “Response surface optimization for complex systems with multiple responses”, (Associate Supervisor with Rob Hyndman, Main Supervisor was Irene Poli), Completed 2010, University of Padua, Italy.


  1. Xin Geng, PhD, “Facial Image Analysis: Age Estimation, Identity Recognition, and Multi-Biometric Fusion”, (Sole Supervisor), Completed 2008, Deakin University


  1. Clifton Phua, PhD, “Data Mining in Resilient Identity Crime Detection”, (Main Supervisor, Associate Supervisor Vincent Lee), Completed 2007, Monash University


  1. M. Z. Ashrafi, PhD, "Parallel Data Mining", Completed 2006, (Associate Supervisor; Main Supervisor Dr. David Taniar), Monash University


  1. Rasika Amarasiri, PhD, “Discovery of patterns and their movements from dynamic collections of large websites”, Completed 2006 (Associate Supervisor, Main Supervisor Damminda Alahakoon), Monash University


  1. Leelani Kumari Wickramasinghe, PhD, “Interaction and adaption of software agents in a dynamic environment”, (Associate Supervisor, Main Supervisor is Damminda Alahakoon), Completed 2006, Monash University


  1. Pramesh Chand, PhD, "Dispatch optimisation and constraint modelling in the Australian National Electricity Market", Completed 2006 (Main Supervisor; Associate Supervisor Dr. Lyfie Sugianto), Monash University


  1. Catherine Wang, PhD, "Characteristic-based Forecasting for Time Series Data", Completed 2005, Winner of Mollie Hollman Doctoral Award, (Main Supervisor; Associate Supervisor Dr. Damminda Alahakoon), Monash University


  1. Ling Tan, PhD, "Parallel Data Mining Techniques", Completed 2005, (Associate Supervisor; Main Supervisor Dr. David Taniar), Monash University


  1. Shawkat Ali, PhD, “Automatic kernel selection for support vector machines”, Completed 2004, (Sole Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Eu-Gene Siew, PhD, “Towards data driven patient classification in acute and primary care”, Completed 2004 (Main Supervisor; Associate supervisor Dr. Leonid Churilov), Monash University


  1. Ying Yang, PhD, “Discretization of Naïve Bayes Classifiers”, Completed 2003 (Associate Supervisor; Main Supervisor Prof. Geoff Webb), Monash University


  1. Chris Beh, PhD, “Neural Network Adaptive Control of a Plant Operation”, Completed 2003 (Associate Supervisor; Main supervisor Dr. Paul Webley, Dept of Chemical Engineering), Monash University


  1. Ai Cheo Yeo, PhD, “Data Mining in the Insurance Industry”, Completed 2002 (Sole Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Jim Black, PhD, “Neural Networks for Modelling Epidemic Outbreaks”, Completed 2002 (joint supervision with Dr. Flavia Cicuttini, Dept of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine), Monash University


  1. Terence Kwok, PhD, “Chaotic Neural Networks for Combinatorial Optimisation”, Completed 2001 (Sole Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Jamie Ebery, PhD, “Formulations and Solution Algorithms for a Class of Discrete Hub Location Problems”, Completed 2000 (joint supervision with Dr. Eric Chu, Department of Mathematics), Monash University


  1. Flaviu Mateevici, Masters by Research (part time), "Identifying high value customers through data mining", Completed 2004 (Main Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Alan Ng, MBusSys (Research), “LOGSOM: Web Usage Mining Utilising a Self-Organising Map”, Completed 2000 (Sole Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Nattaphan Boonyanunta, MBusSys (Research), “Intelligent Systems in Bank Lending”, Completed 2000 (Sole Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Anirban Dutta, MBusSys (Research), “A Hybrid Data Mining Systems for Market Basket Analysis”, Completed 2000 (Joint Supervisor with Sue Bedingfield), Monash University


  1. Eu-Gene Siew, MBusSys (Research), “Software Metrics Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks”, Completed 1999 (Sole Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Byeong Kim, MBusSys (Research), “Channel Assignment in Real Fixed Cellular Networks”, Completed 1997 (Sole Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Larisa Lokmic, Honours (H1), “Cash Flow Forecasting Using Neural Networks”, Completed 1999 (Sole Supervisor), Monash University


  1. Stella Brand, B.Sc(Hons), "Data mining the malaria genome", 2001 (Associate Supervisor; Main supervisors are A/Prof. Terry Spithill and A/Prof. R. Devenish, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Monash University



Current Research Students



  • Sverre Gunnersen, PhD, “Improving the modelling of insolvency risk and financial health assessment of global companies using hybrid intelligent techniques”, (Joint Supervisor with Vincent Lee), Monash University


  • Yanfei Kang, PhD, “Time series change detection and shape extraction”, (Joint supervision with Danijel Belusic), Monash University


  • Andrew Cookson, PhD, “Optimisation models for control of electrode arrays in neural prosthetics”, (Main Supervisor), Monash University


  • Qian Qian Wu, PhD, “Multi-scale stochastic modelling of genetic regulatory networks”, (Associate Supervisor; Main Supervisor is Tianhai Tian), Monash University


  • Nidha Shaikh, PhD, “Super-saturated designs”, (Joint Supervisor with Dr. Siuli Mukhopadyay (IITB), Monash-IITB Research Academy


  • Mehdi Foumani, PhD, “Maximising Throughput and Reliability in Robotic Cells subject to Processing Time, Machine Availability and Flexibility”, (Associate Supervisor with Dr. Indra Gunawan), Monash University


  • Elizabeth Seabrook, PhD, “Music as a Canary - automatic monitoring of young people's music use, physical activity and social networking as a predictor of depression”, (Associate Supervisor with Prof. Nikki Rickard), Monash University