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Current/Past Students

Current Postgraduate Students

Nithyapriya B (with Prof Y.S. Rao): Soil moisture mapping and validation using EOS data [IITB]

Rahul Raj (with Prof J Adinarayana): A system approach model for Citrus crop growth prediction ground and remote sensing based information and data assimilation techniques [IITB]

Jaya Pudashine (with A/Prof Valentijn Pauwels): Rainfall mapping from mobile phone towers [ARC]

Valentina Marchionni (with Dr Edo Daly): Preserving vegetation health and biodiversity of natural urban reserves [ARC]

Yuxi Zhang (with A/Prof Valentijn Pauwels): Model data assimilation [-]

Liujun Zhu (with Dr Chris Rudiger): Radar remote sensing of soil moisture [CSC]

Sangita Kumari (with Dr RAAJ Ramsankaran): Modelling glacier stored volume in Eastern Himalayas using remote sensing datasets [IITB]

Antara Dasgupta (with Dr RAAJ Ramsankaran): Distributed hydrological modelling through assimilation of remotely sensed data [IITB]

Ashkan Shokri (with A/Prof Valentijn Pauwels): Assimilation of GRACE [-]

Sabah Sabaghy (with Dr Chris Rudiger): Soil moisture downscaling and harmonisation [ARC]

Muhsiul Hassan (with A/Prof Nemai Karmakar): Multi-frequency microwave radiometer [-]

Shuvashis Dey (with A/Prof Nemai Karmakar): EM transduction based chipless RFID sensors for precision agriculture [-]

Siyuan Tian (with Dr Paul Tregoning): Groundwater estimation from GRACE [-]

Heerbod Jahanbani (with A/Prof Valentijn Pauwels): Seasonal streamflow forecasting [-]

Ashley Wright (with A/Prof Valentijn Pauwels): Flood forecasting [BNHCRC]

Past Postgraduate Students

2016 Mahshid Shabram (with Dr QJ Wang): Streamflow forecasting [CSIRO]

2016 Mohammad Azmi (with Dr Chris Rudiger): Application of high resolution data sources via data fusion processes in deriving a comprehensive drought index [MRGS] (pdf 3.9Mb)

2016 Ying Gao (with Dr Dongryeol Ryu): Joint active passive microwave soil moisture retrieval [-] (pdf 5.5Mb)

2016 MeiSun Yee (with Dr Chris Rudiger and Dr Edo Daly): Remote sensing error assessment for subsequent use in model confrontation [APA] (pdf 51Mb)

2016 Negin Moghaddam (with Dr Chris Rudiger): Investigation of the Subsurface Structural Behaviour in the Surat Basin using SAR interferometry deformation maps [MRGS](pdf 22.7Mb)

2015 Mohammad Zomorrodi (with A/Prof Nemai Karmakar): Millimetre wave image-based chipless RFID system [-] (pdf 6.9Mb)

2015 Xiaoling Wu (with Dr Chris Rudiger and Dr Rocco Panciera): Towards medium-resolution soil moisture retrieval from active and passive microwave observations [MRGS] (pdf 5.2Mb)

2014 Robert Pipunic (with Dr Andrew Western): Assessment of multi-sensor data assimilation for improved land surface model heat flux prediction [MRS] (pdf 6.1Mb)

2014 Ye Nan (with Dr Dongryeol Ryu and Prof Robert Gurney): Mixed pixel retrieval of soil moisture from L-band passive microwave observations [MFRS] (pdf 5.3Mb)

2014 Ali Ershadi (with Dr Matthew McCabe and Dr Jason Evans): Evapotranspiration: application, scaling and uncertainty [APAI] (pdf 16.7Mb)

2013 Ranmalee Bandara (with Prof Robert Gurney): Development of a soil hydraulic property estimator [.] (pdf 5Mb)

2013 Adam Smith (with Dr Andrew Western): Soil moisture monitoring with ground-based gravity data [ARC-DP]

2011 Clara Draper (with Dr Peter Steinle): Near-surface soil moisture assimilation in NWP [MRS/CRC eWater] (pdf 6.6Mb)

2010 Soo See Chai (with Prof Bert Veenendall and Prof Geoff West): An artificial neural network approach for soil moisture retrieval using passive microwave data (pdf 3.8Mb)

2009 Rocco Panciera (with Prof Jetse Kalma and Dr Ed Kim): Effect of land surface heterogeneity on satellite near-surface soil moisture observations [APA] (pdf 26.1Mb)

2007 Manju Hemakumara (with Prof Jetse Kalma and Prof Garry Willgoose): Aggregation and disaggregation of soil moisture measurements [ARC-DP] (pdf 12.6Mb)

2006 Christoph Ruediger (with Prof Jetse Kalma and Prof Garry Willgoose): Streamflow data assimilation for soil moisture prediction [ARC-DP] (pdf 24.1Mb)

2006 Mathew Turner (with Prof Rodger Grayson): Integration of satellite data into water quality models [MRS] (pdf 13.6Mb)

2006 Stephen Wealands (with Prof Rodger Grayson): Spatial understanding of hydrologic processes through remote sensing technologies [APA] (pdf 7.1Mb)

2005 Leo Lymburner (with Dr Peter Hairsine and Dr Alex Held): Mapping riparian vegetation functions using remote sensing and terrain analysis [CRCCH] (pdf 5.8Mb)

Research Staff

2000-2002 Chaojiao Sun

2001-2012 Rodger Young

2006-2007 Olivier Merlin

2006-2008 Vadim Kuzmin

2008-2011 Chris Rudiger

2009-2012 Robert Pipunic

2009-2014 Rocco Panciera

2011-2014 Mihai Tanasse

2011-2016 Sandra Monerris

2011-2016 Frank Winston

2011-2016 Gift Dumedah

2013-2014 Lian He

2014- Yuan Li

2014- Stefania Grimaldi

2014- Ye Nan

2014- Xiaoling Wu

2015- Ying Gao

2016-2016 Paul Fisher

2016- MeiSun Yee

2016- Kiri Mason