Prospective Students

I'm looking for enthusiastic students with strong computer science/math background who wish to enroll in our strong PhD program. Feel free to email me your CV and transcripts, and put "GSM:Graduate Studies Monash" in your email's subject.

Click here for information about Monash application process and scholarships. Additionally, students applying to our Faculty are eligible to apply for Monash/NICTA scholarshipls.

About my research group

  • You and Your Research:
    • You and your work need to be competitive with graduate students in top universities in the US and Europe. This requires hard work.
    • You will need to read many research papers.
    • You will need to write many research papers.
    • You need to know how to program and like to program. You will program. Quite a lot.
    • I will help you to do good work. Usually I brainstorm ideas with my students, program alongside them, and help them to write papers.
  • My research field is applied:
    • I do research in applied machine learning (ML), with the main application area being natural language processing (NLP).
    • You need to be curious about at least two of: (1) human language; (2) getting insights from data; (3) machine learning.
    • I am open to working on interesting ML problems outside the above. But you will have to convince me they are interesting.

About the university

Monash University is one of the top universities in Australia which is located in the beautiful city of Melbourne. Monash enrols approximately 39,000 undergraduate and 16,000 graduate students from Australia and the world, making it the largest university in Australia. Melbourne is a vibrant and multicultural city. Consistently ranked as one of the world's three most liveable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne is Australia's fastest growing capital city.