• Dr. Sameen Maruf (Monash Uni, 2019-)
    Topic: Explainable AI

  • Dr. Samitha Herath (Monash Uni, 2019-)
    Topic: Learning with Less Labels

  • Dr. Fatemeh Shiri (Monash Uni, 2020-)
    Topic: Knowledge Graphs

  • Dr. Christian Simon (Monash Uni, 2020-)
    Topic: Learning with Less Labels

  • Narjes Askarian (Monash Uni, 2017-)
    Topic: Visual QA

  • Najam Zaidi (Monash Uni, 2017-)
    Topic: Structured Prediction

  • Xuanli He (Monash Uni, 2018-)
    Topic: NL Generation

  • Snow Situ (Monash Uni, 2018-)
    Topic: Explainable AI

  • Trang Vu (Monash Uni, 2019-)
    Topic: Low-Resource Deep Learning

  • Farhad Moghimifar (UQ, 2018-)
    Topic: Question Answering

  • Islam Nasar (Monash Uni, 2019-)
    Topic: Multimodal Learning

  • Zhuang Li (Monash Uni, 2019-)
    Topic: Semantic Parsing

  • Minghao Wu (Monash Uni, 2020-)
    Topic: Machine Translation

  • Tao Feng (Monash Uni, 2020-)
    Topic: Dialogue Systems

  • Xiaoyu Guo (Monash Uni, 2020-)
    Topic: Question Answering

  • Tongtong Wu (Southeast Uni, 2018-)
    Topic: Relation Extraction

  • Haolan Zhan (Monash Uni, 2021-)
    Topic: Dialogue Systems

  • Jinming Zhao (Monash Uni, 2021-)
    Topic: Speech Translation

  • Lin Chuang (Monash Uni, 2021-)
    Topic: Multimodal Learning

  • Dr. Miao Zhang (Research Fellow, Monash Uni, 2020-2021)

  • Dr. Philip Arthur (Research Fellow, Monash Uni, 2018-2021) → Research Scientist, Oracle Labs

  • Diptesh Kanojia (IITB-Monash, 2016-2021) → Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Surrey (UK)

  • Fahimeh Saleh (Monash Uni, 2018-2021)
    Topic: Machine Translation

  • Poorya ZareMoodi (PhD, Monash Uni, 2015-2020) → Research Scientist, Oracle Labs
    Topic: Neural Machine Translation for Bilingually Low-Resource Scenarios

  • Jinming Zhao (MSc, Monash Uni, 2019-2020)
    Topic: Unsupervised Multi-Document Summarisation

  • Kay Wong (Honours, Monash Uni, 2019-2020)
    Topic: Context-Dependent Neural Machine Translation

  • Sameen Maruf (Monash Uni, 2015-2019) → Research Associate at Monash University
    Thesis: Document-wide Neural Machine Translation

  • Ming Liu (Monash Uni, 2015-2019) → Research Associate at Deakin University
    Thesis: Weak Supervision and Active Learning for Natural Language Processing

  • Dr. Daniel Beck (Pstdoctoral Fellow, Melbourne/Monash Uni, 2017-2019) → Lecturer, Melbourne Uni

  • Quan Tran (Monash Uni, 2015-2018) → Research Scientist, Adobe Research (USA)
    Thesis: Sequence Modelling with Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Cong Duy Vu Hoang (Melbourne Uni, 2015-2018) → Research Scienist, Oracle Labs
    Thesis: On the Use of Prior and External Knowledge in Neural Sequence Models

  • Bo Chen (Monash Uni, 2014-2018) → Research Associate at The University of Adelaide
    Thesis Topic: Learning Similarity Measures

  • Mohammad Shamsur Rahman (PhD, Monash Uni, 2013-2018)
    Thesis: Analysing Tumour Heterogeneity With Advanced Statistical Models

  • Omar Al Zeidi (MSc, Monash Uni, 2017-2018)
    Thesis: Deep Neural Networks for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

  • Islam Nassar (MSc, Monash Uni, 2017-2018)
    Thesis: Automatic Text Simplification of Medical Reports

  • Faik Aydin (Msc, Monash Uni, 2017-2018)
    Thesis: Medical Multi-Model Classifiers Under Low Data Strain

  • Paulo Antunes Ventura Filho (Monash Uni, 2017-2018)
    Thesis: Benchmarking Domain Adaptation from weak feedback techniques in Machine Translation

  • Trang Vu (MSc, Monash Uni, 2017-2018)
    Topic: Automatic Post-Editing of Machine Translation: A Neural Programmer-Interpreter Approach

  • Chenyang Wang (Honours, Monash Uni, 2017-2018 )
    Topic: Deep Learning for Reading Comprehension

  • Ehsan Shareghi (Monash Uni, 2013-2017 ) → Research Associate at University of Cambridge
    Topic: Scalable Non-Markovian Sequential Modelling for Natural Language Processing

  • Sunil Aryal (Monash Uni, 2013-i2017 ) → Lecturer at the Federation University
    Topic: A data-dependent dissimilarity measure: An effective alternative to distance measures

  • Dr. Hadi Akbarzadeh (PostDoctoral Fellow), 2017-2017 → Senior Data Scientist in Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR)
    Topic: Time Series Analysis, Sequence Mining, Helth Records

  • Dr. Christoph Bergmeir (Monash Uni , Feb 2017-)
    Topic: Time Series Analysis, Sequence Mining, Helth Records

  • Parya Razmdide (Visiting PhD student, 2016-2017)
    Topic: Active Learning for Rule-based Machine Translation

  • Benyamin Ahmadniaye (Visiting PhD student, 2016-2017)
    Topic: Machine Translation for Low-Resource Language-Pairs

  • Zahraa Abdallah (PostDoctoral Fellow), 2014-2015 → PostDoctoral Fellow at Monash University
    Topic: Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis

  • Ajay Nagesh, (PhD student in IITB-Monash), 2011-2015 → PostDoctoral Fellow at University of Massachusetts - Amherst
    Thesis: Exploring Relational Features and Learning under Distant Supervision for Information Extraction Tasks

  • Nhat Linh Chu (Honours), 2014-2015
    Thesis: Metric Learning for Software Defect Prediction

  • Andisheh Partovi (Honours), 2014-2015 → Research Assistant at Monash
    Thesis: Bayesian Changepoint Detection in Textual Data Streams

  • Dean J. Rodhouse (Honours), 2014-2014
    Thesis: Energy Disaggregation with Aggregate Home Energy Signals

  • Zhaoxiang Cai (Honours), 2013-2014 → MSc program at UPenn
    Thesis: A Statistical Model to Explore Clonal Heterogeneity in Cancer

  • Milena Mitic (Undergrad), 2013-2014 → Software Engineer at Google

  • Baskaran Sankaran (PhD Student in Simon Fraser University), 2008-2013 → IBM Watson Research Center
    Thesis: Improvements in Hierarchical Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation

  • Marzieh Razavi (MSc Student in Simon Fraser University), 2010-2012 → PhD student at EPFL
    Thesis: Ensembles of diverse clustering-based discriminative dependency parsers

  • Balamurali A.R. (PhD student in IITB-Monash), Visiting Student, 2012 → Samsung Research Lab

  • Max Craigie (Honours), 2012

Advice for Postgraduate/PhD Students