Getting Started with the Monash Gravity Group

1. Sign up for a LIGO.ORG account
Go to
If you are already signed in, sign out.
Click on "LSC or Virgo Signup".
Choose membership in "ACIGA - Monash University".

2. Log on to the LIGO Data Grid:
# First, put these commands into your .zshrc file:
alias pcdev1="ssh"
# To log on, type pcdev3. You will be prompted for your password. If you don't have an account on pcdev3, you can request one here.

3. Create your own web page to share results.
On pcdev1, mkdir ~/public_html/
Any content you put in public_html/ will be visible here:

4. Sign up to the CBC mailing list. A full list of LSC groups is here.

5. Set up TeamSpeak: TeamSpeak

6. join ozgrav:

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