Getting Started with the Monash Gravity Group

0. Sign up for a LIGO.ORG account
Go to
If you are already signed in, sign out.
Click on "LSC or Virgo Signup".
Choose membership in "ACIGA - Monash University".

1. Instructions for getting started on the LDG: link

2. Install LDG
Install the LDG Client which enables gsissh necessary for connecting to the LIGO Data Grid computers. Follow these instructions:
It's good to double-check this link by googling "install LIGO data grid" since the instructions are constantly changing and the web page can move.

3. Log on to the LIGO Data Grid:
# First, put these commands into your .bashrc file:
pcdev1 () { gsissh -YC $pcdev3 ; }
# To log on, type pcdev3. You will be prompted for your password. If you don't have an account on pcdev3, you can request one here. Alternatively, you can log on to a variety of servers like pcdev3 by typing
gsissh -YC

4. Create your own web page to share results.
On pcdev1, mkdir ~/public_html/
Any content you put in public_html/ will be visible here:

5. Sign up to the CBC mailing list. A full list of LSC groups is here.

6. Set up TeamSpeak: TeamSpeak

7. join ozgrav:


I am getting x-windows errors on my mac.
Try: ldg-upgrade --beta

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