A survey of a dialogue between a person and a robot in an office environment


We are developing a dialogue system which is to be mounted on a robotic agent (DORIS) designed to assist a person with a number of different tasks. As part of this research, we need to collect sample dialogues which represent how people may interact with such a robot. This is done by getting participants to fill out the simple survey described below.

The interaction between you and the "Robot" will be logged. The logs may later be used to train and test components of the dialogue system. Parts of the logs may also be quoted in published papers but the names and details of participants will be kept confidential.

The survey session consists of a single scenario and may take approximately 1-2 minutes to complete. Note that the survey can be completed as many times as you wish. To end the survey, simply close this web page in your web browser.


Imagine you are sitting in a meeting room and have suddenly remembered that you've left an important item in your office. This can be any item of your choice, such as a diary, a book or a mug. Fortunately, you can use DORIS to fetch this item for you before the meeting begins. DORIS knows where your office is located, but it has never been inside your office and needs to know where to find the item. You may use one or more sentences in order to instruct DORIS to successfully complete the task.

Enter your instructions to DORIS in the text box below and press submit.