Selected Papers and Published Articles

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Refereed Journals

Connectedness - isn't it time that education came out from behind the classroom door and rediscovered Social Justice Social Alternatives Vol 22 No. 3 2003 (Full paper available online - PDF)

A tale of two reports or how bad news for Australian education is mediated by the media Issues in Educational Research  14(2), 2004 available on-line

The 'ubiquitous escaping of pedagogical stream',  Ned Flanders' pedagogical asymmetry and the 'inescapable whiff of the classroom'. A Review of Alexander, R. J. (2000)Culture and pedagogy : international comparisons in primary education. in Melbourne Studies of Education 45(1) May 2004 (Full article - PDF)

Putting young people at the centre of the discussion: A review of What school kids want in The Analytical Teacher (Full article - PDF) and online at

Choosing our ideas, words and actions carefully: is the language of Productive Pedagogies intelligible for pre-service teachers? Issues in Educational Research  15(2) 2005 (in press)

Professional Journals

Getting Connected Teacher Learning Network Vol. 10 No. 2 Winter 2003

A Bridge not far enough EQ Australia Winter 2003 Issue 2


Connectedness - isn't it time that education came out from behind the classroom door and rediscovered Social Justice refereed paper - (Social Educators Association of Australia - Melbourne July 2003)

"Hanging Out - Hanging On - Hanging In" or is it "Elect Out, Drift Out and Driven Out." What works for At-Risk students - how a Connected or Generative Pedagogy improves student educational outcomes for all but in particular for marginalised students (Paper presented at the Australian Curriculum Studies Association Biennial National Conference CONVERSACTIONS 28 30 September 2003 - Adelaide, South Australia) Abstract Full Paper

Engaging programs: How are Australian schools responding to low student retention?  David Zyngier & Trevor Gale  presented at the Australian Association of Research in Education 29 November - 3 December 2003 International Conference Auckland New Zealand Available on-line

Video available from the Education Foundation for $32.50 including GST, postage and handling. To order your copy, call Ros Black on 03 9665 5903 or email

Doing education not doing time. Engaging Pedagogies and Pedagogues - what does student engagement look like in action? AARE 2004 International Education Research Conference Melbourne Doing the Public Good: Positioning Education Research PDF


Boonadjalang: A Centre of Learning for Sustainability and Community capacity Building November 2002 for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Schools and Local Learning Employment Network with Trevor Gale

Non-Traditional and Non-Systemic Education Programs in FMP Secondary Schools Final Report 2003 with Trevor Gale available on-line

Key-Makers: Advancing Student Engagement through Changed Teaching Practice Final Report November 2004 with Wendy May PDF

Student disengagement from primary schooling: a review of research and practice A report to the CASS Foundation with Sally Murray Jane Mitchell Trevor Gale Julie Edwards 2004 available on-line

Connecting the Pines Project Evaluation September 2005 (Summary) PDF