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The source table is stored as a FITS table, which can be downloaded here v1.2 2013 Mar 13

To read into TOPCAT directly, choose FITS format and enter the URL:

Below is a description of the table (from the file headers)

File minbar_sources.fits v1.2
Created 6 March 2013 by Duncan Galloway <>

This file combines XrBurster_cat.fits, the list of 102 thermonuclear
burst source (supplied by Jerome Chenevez <>) and 

the catalog of low-mass X-ray binaries of Liu et al. 2007 (A&A 469, 807)
accessed via TOPCAT (catalog designator J/A+A/469/807/lmxb).

The matching was performed on the position (RA_OBJ, DEC_OBJ from
XrBursters_cat.fits, and _RAJ2000 & _DEJ2000 from J/A+A/469/807/lmxb)
and allowing a maximum offset of 0.1 degree (360 arcsec). This gives
84 pairs, with 18 sources not matched.

Columns added to the FITS file are
  recno = record number
  NAME_2 = source name
  Separation = great-circle distance between the positions of the
               matched sources [arcsec]
  Type = Source type (one or more of A, B, D, E, G, M, P, R, T, U, Z;
         see Liu et al. for a description)
  Porb = orbital period, where known [h]
  _RAJ2000, _DEJ2000 = position [decimal degrees]
  RAJ2000, DEJ2000 = position [d:m:s]
  VMAG = apparent visual magnitude [mag]
  l_FX = limit flag for FX
  FX = characteristic 2-10 keV X-ray flux  [uJy]

The table includes a column bibcode listing the discovery reference.
Most of these are copied from Jean in 't Zand's list of 101 X-ray burst 

sources, at The biblabel

column gives an abbreviated label for the reference, for bibliographic

The table incorporates information on the column density towards the
source, listed in the nH and nH_err columns. These values are taken
from Jean in 't Zand's wfcbursts_CATALOGNH_vs6.dat file. The source for
the values is given by the bibiographic code (and label) in the columns
nH_bibcode and nH_biblabel; for those values which are obtained by other
methods, the source is described in the nH_biblabel column.

See also a detailed description of the columns

Below is a summary of the table, generated by exporting selected columns to a csv file and using the CSVInclude recipe.

4U 0513-40GB78.5275-40.043610.03   6.0
4U 0614+09ABR?94.280429.1369440.3850.018.5 -0.5
EXO 0748-676TBDE117.1408-67.75250.83.8216.9 0.1
4U 0836-429TB129.3483-42.900552.2   1.0
2S 0918-549B140.1123-55.206860.35 21.0 10.0
4U 1246-588B192.415-59.087030.5 19.45 8.0
4U 1254-69BD194.405-69.289170.323.9319.1 25.0
SAX J1324.5-6313B201.1125-63.223331.5   560.0
4U 1323-62BD201.6504-62.136112.422.93  10.0
Cen X-4TBR224.5917-31.668890.0615.112.8 0.1
Cir X-1TBADMR230.1704-57.166940.66398.421.4 5.0
UW CrBB241.440825.8625 1.8519.7 0.15
4U 1608-522TBA243.1792-52.423060.89112.89 <1.0
4U 1636-536BA250.2312-53.751390.253.817.5 220.0
MAXI J1647-227BT252.051-23.015     
XTE J1701-462TZR?255.2436-46.185722.0   1100.0
XTE J1701-407BT255.4347-40.858363.1    
MXB 1658-298TBDE255.5262-29.945830.27.1118.3<5.0
4U 1702-429BA256.5638-43.035751.87   45.0
IGR J17062-6143BT256.56772-61.71125     
4U 1708-23B257.0958-22.80333     
4U 1705-32B257.2261-32.332530.4   8.0
4U 1705-44BAR257.227-44.102051.9   10.0
XTE J1709-267TB257.3767-26.655530.44   150.0
XTE J1710-281TBE257.5512-28.131670.43.28  2.0
4U 1708-40B258.0993-40.84278    32.0
SAX J1712.6-3739TB258.1417-37.643331.34   35.0
2S 1711-339TB258.5824-34.046471.5   16.0
RX J1718.4-4029B259.6006-40.491781.32   1.5
1H 1715-321B259.6975-32.17778    28.0
IGR J17191-2821BT259.813-28.299190.3    
XTE J1723-376TB260.9083-37.661677.94    
IGR J17254-3257TB261.3533-32.95417    2.0
4U 1722-30GBA261.8883-30.801940.78   55.0
4U 1728-34BAR262.9892-33.834722.6   150.0
MXB 1730-335TGBDR263.3504-33.387781.66   200.0
KS 1731-260TB263.556-26.088531.3   180.0
1RXH J173523.7-354013B263.8458-35.67023     
SLX 1732-304GBR263.9483-30.482221.63   6.0
IGR J17364-2711BT264.125-27.2     
SLX 1735-269B264.5713-26.994061.5   10.0
4U 1735-444BAR?264.7429-44.450.144.6517.5 160.0
XTE J1739-285TB264.9748-28.496332.01   200.0
SLX 1737-282B265.1625-28.296671.9   3.0
KS 1741-293TB266.2333-29.3519433.0  <5.0
XMM J174457-2850.3BT266.23944-28.83917     
GRS 1741.9-2853TB266.2597-28.9138611.3   7.0
AX J1745.6-2901TBE266.4008-29.02611 8.4  0.4
1A 1742-289TBER266.4042-29.0186110.08.356 <9.0
1A 1742-294B266.5229-29.515281.16   60.0
SAX J1747.0-2853TB266.7608-28.883038.8   130.0
IGR J17464-2811T?B266.8173-28.18    0.3
IGR J17473-2721T266.8253-27.344143.8   48.0
SLX 1744-300B266.8558-30.044724.5   4.0
SLX 1744-299B266.8583-30.02056    6.0
GX 3+1BA266.9833-26.563611.59   400.0
IGR J17480-2446BPT267.02014-24.780243     
EXO 1745-248TGBD267.02164-24.7798333.8   54.0
Swift J174805.3-244637BT267.02237-24.77708     
1A 1744-361TA?BDR267.0801-36.121280.411.62 <25.0
SAX J1748.9-2021TGAB267.22293-20.367220.47  <0.1
Swift J1749.4-2807BPT267.3831-28.13494     
IGR J17498-2921BPT267.4807-29.3222     
4U 1746-37GBAD267.5529-37.052220.265.16  32.0
SAX J1750.8-2900TBA?267.6-29.038330.9   130.0
EXO 1747-214TB267.6071-21.42250.19   70.0
GRS 1747-312TGBDE267.6896-31.292221.3912.36  1.5
IGR J17511-3057BPT267.7875-30.96110.6    
SAX J1752.3-3138B268.1-31.628330.49   740.0
SAX J1753.5-2349B268.3832-23.820090.88    
AX J1754.2-2754B268.5608-27.90953     
IGR J17597-2201BD269.9404-22.02752.84   17.0
1RXS J180408.9-342058B271.0335-34.3471     
SAX J1806.5-2215TB271.625-22.250.97   9.0
2S 1803-245TBAR271.7125-24.5850.63  <2.0
SAX J1808.4-3658TPBR272.1147-36.978970.122.01416716.51 110.0
XTE J1810-189BT272.5862-19.069724.2    
SAX J1810.8-2609TB272.685-26.153.5   16.0
XTE J1814-338TPB273.4126-33.772860.164.2746218.33 13.0
GX 13+1BAR273.6315-17.157423.4577.6  540.0
4U 1812-12BA273.7758-12.096421.55   20.0
GX 17+2BZR274.0058-14.036391.9   1500.0
SAX J1818.7+1424B274.683314.403330.1    
4U 1820-303GBAR275.9187-30.361140.160.19  420.0
AX J1824.5-2451B276.125-24.85    2.0
SAX J1828.5-1037B277.1415-10.616531.9    
GS 1826-24TB277.3675-23.791390.42.08819.0 30.0
XB 1832-330GB278.9333-32.981950.05 18.9 8.0
Ser X-1BAR279.98965.0358330.38 19.2 225.0
Swift J185003.2-005627BT282.5133-0.94083     
4U 1850-086GBAR?283.2703-8.7056670.390.34321.0 10.0
HETE J1900.1-2455TPB285.0407-24.901190.161.3918.09 55.0
XB 1905+000TB287.11250.1688890.12 20.5 10.0
Aql X-1TBAR287.81670.5850.418.9514.8<0.1
XB 1916-053BAD289.6991-5.2364440.320.8321.0 25.0
Swift J1922.7-1716BT290.654-17.284     
XB 1940-04B295.75-3.9   <50.0
XTE J2123-058TBAE320.8106-5.7980280.075.9616.8 110.0
4U 2129+12GB?DER?322.492912.16750.0317.115.8 6.0
XB 2129+47BE322.859247.290.45.2416.4 9.0
Cyg X-2BZR326.171738.321670.05236.214.7 450.0
SAX J2224.9+5421B336.216754.3650.5    

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