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Here are the columns of the MINBAR database, and a brief description of each.

This is copied initially from minbar.dbd

added   c*10    Date burst added [dd-mm-yyy]
instr   c*3     Instrument (XTE/WFC/JMX/...)
obsid   c*20    Observation ID
id      i*4     Reference ID for external (e.g. RXTE) catalog
time    r*8     Burst start time (t_25) [MJD]
baryshift       r*4     Add to time to get the arrival time at SS barycentre [s]
ra      r*4     "R.A. of origin, where known [decimal hours, J2000]"
dec     r*4     "Dec of origin, where known [decimal degrees, J2000]"
name    c*20    Likely source origin (name refers to separate source catalog)
altname c*255   Alternative names for source origin
mult    i*2     Number of instruments which have observed this event
angle   r*4     Angle from the pointing axis [arcmin]
vigcorr r*4     Vignetting correction factor (e.g. for off-axis bursts seen by RXTE)
pcount  r*4     Peak count rate [count/s]
pcounte r*4     1-sigma error on peak count rate
pflux   r*4     Peak burst flux [1e-9 erg/cm^2/s]
pfluxe  r*4     Error on peak burst flux [1e-9 erg/cm^2/s]
fluen   r*4     Burst fluence [1e-6 erg/cm^2]
fluene  r*4     Error on fluence [1e-6 erg/cm^2]
emin    r*4     Minimum of energy band for flux & fluence (0=bolometric) [keV]
emax    r*4     Maximum of energy band  (0 for bolometric) [keV]
bpflux  r*4     Maximum bolometric flux (from blackbody fit) [1e-9 erg/cm^2/s]
bpfluxe r*4     Error on bolometric flux
kT      r*4     Blackbody temperature at flux maximum [keV]
kTe     r*4     Error on blackbody temperature
rad     r*4     Blackbody normalisation at flux maximum [(km^2/d_10kpc)^2]
rade    r*4     Error on blackbody normalisation
bfluen  r*4     Bolometric fluence (i.e. integrated bol. flux) [1e-6 erg/cm^2]
bfluene r*4     Error on bolometric fluence
nH      r*4     Absorption column density for blackbody fit [10^22 cm^-2]
nHe     r*4     Error on absorption column density
rexp    i*2     "Radius-expansion flag (1=no, 2=yes, 3=marginal, -1=can't tell)"
flag    i*2     "Flag for analysis conditions, as for RXTE catalog"
rise    r*4     Burst rise time (=t_90-t_25) [s]
risee   r*4     Error on burst rise [s]
tau     r*4     Burst timescale (fluence/peak flux) [s]
taue    r*4     Error on burst timescale
edt     r*4     First decay constant for exponential fit to profile [s]
edte    r*4     Error on first decay constant
edt2    r*4     Second decay constant for second branch of exponential fit [s]
edt2e   r*4     Error on second decay constant
tdel    r*4     Separation [s]
trec    r*4     (Inferred) recurrence time [s]
perflx  r*4     Persistent flux at the time of the burst [1e-9 erg/cm^2/s]
perflxe r*4     Error on persistent flux [1e-9 erg/cm^2/s]
pemin   r*4     Minimum of energy band for persistent flux [keV]
pemax   r*4     Maximum of energy band for persistent flux [keV]
alpha   r*4     Ratio of integrated persistent flux to burst fluence
alphae  r*4     Error on alpha value
bc      r*4     Bolometric correction for persistent flux
bce     r*4     Error on bolometric correction
gamma   r*4     Normalised persistent flux; following vppl88
sc      r*4     Soft colour (defined at present only for RXTE bursts)
hc      r*4     Hard colour (ditto)
s_z     r*4     Position on the colour-colour diagram
ref     c*255   "References to published analyses of this burst (ref[,ref [...]])"
ref_ids c*255   "ID nos. for published analyses (id[,id[...]])"
notes   c*255   
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