HEAT: High-energy Astrophysics Teleconference

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

HEAT featuring Chryssa Kouveliotou (MSFC)

This week's HEAT presents Chryssa Kouveliotou who is visiting CAASTRO from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center for a few weeks. Chryssa will talk about some of her work on a newly-discovered magnetar, Swift J1834.9-0846 and describe the multi-satellite observations of the source. An asymmetric region around the source extending between 50" to 150" from the center, detected in pre- and post-outburst data, is claimed to be a magnetar wind nebula (Younes et al. 2012).


  • The new magnetar Swift J1834.9-0846 and its putative magnetar wind nebula (Chryssa Kouveliotou)
  • Recent progress (or lack thereof) from neutron star radius determination from X-ray bursts (Duncan Galloway)

    Please dial in on 1800 063 705 and give the reservation/pin number 1288 4104

    If you plan on dialing in from outside Australia, you will need a different number; please contact me with the country you will be calling from.

  • Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    HEAT restored

    The first of a (hopefully) new and revitalised series of high-energy (and gravitational wave!) astrophysics teleconferences took place today, with approximately 20 attendees from seven locations across the country. James Miller Jones (ICRAR, Curtin U.) gave a very nice report on their recent result finding evidence for two stellar-mass black holes in the globular cluster M22 (1.3 MB PDF; ref. Strader et al. 2012, Nature 490, 71). Enthusiastic discussion followed, with Geoff Bicknell (RSAA) contributing his recent COSPAR talk on Connections between radio and high-energy emission in AGN.
    Sean Farrell (USyd) followed up with a report on two of the conferences which took place this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of X-ray astronomy — one largely looking backward and the other forward.

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    HEAT rises from the ashes

    Next week (22nd October) I plan to resume the High-Energy Astrophysics Telecons (HEAT) that last took place back in 2009. These ~monthly telecons brought together people within the Australian community with an interest in high-energy astrophysics to discuss new science results of common interest. If you would like to take part, please visit the Doodle poll and indicate your preferred timeslot, taking note of the time zone where applicable:


    As well as providing an opportunity to introduce ourselves, for those new additions to the community, I would also like to invite suggestions for presentations. If you have a recent exciting result of broad interest, and can put together a few slides to talk about over 15-20 min of the telecon, please let me know and i'll book you in.

    Click for HEAT 2006—09

    URL: http://users.monash.edu.au/~dgallow/heat/index.html
    31st October 2012