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Thu Apr 30, 2020

MINBAR paper accepted!

In late February we submitted the paper describing data release 1 (DR1) of the Multi-Instrument Burst Archive (MINBAR) to Astrophysical Journal Supplements. In a remakably quick turnaround we got a referee's report in less than a month, and the lightly revised version of the paper is now accepted!

Accompanying the paper is the online repository hosted at Monash's Bridges (formerly figshare) service. Here you can download the ASCCI files with the complete contents of the catalog, and (in future) will also provide links to software used to access and analyse the data.

Another way to access the data is via the web interface at, which allows basic searching and plotting facility, and you can download subsets of the data for offline analysis too.

Read the paper (arXiv:2003.00685)

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