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Fri Jun 01, 2018

A new burst oscillation source

The legacy of NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer continues to grow with the discovery of another burst oscillation in archival data from bursts observed more than 10 years ago, from the faint transient SAX J1810.8--2609. These burst oscillations, revealed by the careful work of Anya Bilous, confirm the spin frequency of the neutron star in this system at 532 Hz (that's an amazing 532 rotations every second!). This discovery adds to only a few tens of such measurements amongst the more than 100 known bursting sources. Anya's paper is now accepted by ApJ.

A Millisecond Oscillation in the Bursting X-Ray Flux of SAX J1810.8-2609 (Bilous et al. 2018) via NASA ADS

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