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Mon Oct 10, 2005

Australia-Italy Workshop on GW Detection

The workshop, organised by the UWA Gravity Wave group, was held at the Gingin observatory site, home also to the Gravity Discovery Centre. Attendees included members of all the major interferometer groups around the world - LIGO, VIRGO, GEO and TAMA, as well as representatives of the Italian government (co-sponsors) and the WA Minister for Science and the Environment, Judy Edwards. It was a pretty technical meeting, a lot of it over my head, but I learned quite a bit about some of the details of interferometric GW detectors, as well as the current status and prospects for the detectors around the world. Although the proposed Australian instrument will not be as sensitive as LIGO, for example, it will play an important role in the worldwide effort because of it's southern location and the correspondingly maximal baseline with the US LIGO detectors.
Accreting Neutron Stars as Gravitational Wave Sources (PDF file)

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