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Daniel Grimm

2018: Role changed - Innovation Lead inside eSolutions Innovation and Special Ops team. Most of the following is historical and has many many broken links
After many years I've been absorbed into central IT support - eSolutions. eSolutions has made siginificant inroads and become a highly trusted partner to academics and research staff.

I was the ECSE Departments' Manager, IT Services  and More! -
Until 2006 I only did IT support stuff one day a week and:
For the rest of the week, I worked in the Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering as a researcher.

The role Manager, IT Services encompasses the usual hands on computer support (for pc, linux, unix,mac), the ever ongoing battles with ITS, Policy creation, and the eternally unloved and not very well maintained - documentation creation.
Mailing lists, automatic archives of lists, web servers and services all get worked on by myself - and I still maintain a few of these.
In 2007 there was a "restructure" leaving me to pick up maintenance of dept. internal databases and web services [things like thesis allocation process, job request system...]
Also supervision of the remaining 2.x IT support staff - the full time ones being Engineers as well.
I was also  the Chairman of the Engineering Faculty IT Operations Group - a committee created to coordinate and improve IT support for the faculty. And once again I held that position until it was disbanded.

As a researcher in the CTIE I have been involved in Multimedia delivery systems research (read that as online video and audio streaming, compression etc). Recently this work has been merged into IPv6 and Wireless systems (WAP, GPRS, Bluetooth, Ethernet 802.11, 2G and 3G mobile phones) as part of the ATcrc Applications Program project.

The aim of this research is NOT to produce applications but to analyse the effect of the applications on those systems - to better help design them.

Some of my publications (conference papers)

I've become an expert in LOTS of operating systems - through necessity in supporting them and for the CTIE research. Currently I use win95, 98, NT, NT server, win2000+ SERVER, SGI IRIX, Redhat Linux, Mac OS, OSX regularly. I also use/install/test video streaming software including Real, Windows Media, MS Netshow, MS Netshow Theater, SGI Mediabase.  Similarly with Video Conferencing software/hardware - Picturetel, MS Netmeeting .....

An old list of my work covered the following areas (and I still do a lot of that):

Personal Details

  • and to leap into the world of 2007, I started a blog deepdan and am now testing how long it takes to get it into google by putting a link in here

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    Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering | Faculty of Engineering | Monash University