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The meeting will discuss progress in all aspects of representing convection in models, including improved understanding of convective processes, observations of convection, process-modelling and the parametrization of convection. The meeting will include poster presentations, oral presentations and breakout group discussions. The meeting is structured around 4 major themes:

The latest version of the agenda for the meeting can be found here.

Day 1 - The state of the art and perspectives

This day is dedicated to reviewing current efforts in parametrizing, observing and modelling atmospheric convection.

Day 2 - The organization of convection

On day 2 we will discuss all aspects of the organization of convection, from small to meso to planetary scales.

Day 3 - Transitions between convective states

Day 3 is dedicated to discussing transitions between convective states, such as that from shallow to deep convection as well as convective triggering. The session aims to cover all phenomena that have such transitions, from the diurnal cycle to the stratocumulus to cumulus transition to the MJO.

Day 4 - Stochastic aspects and the grey zone

On day 4 we will discuss the use of stochastic approaches to representing convective processes as well as issues in representing convection when model resolutions reach the grey-zone.

Day 5 - Where to?

The final half-day of the meeting will be discussing the future, including possibilities for accelerating progress as well as possible new international activities.