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  Welcome to the home page of The Adsorption Research Group at Monash University, Australia 

The Adsorption Research Group was established in 1996 in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University (Clayton Campus) with the goal of conducting research and development in adsorbent synthesis and testing and adsorption processes specifically focusing on gas separations and storage. Over the last 11 years we have developed a considerable experimental and theoretical infrastructure which, together with a solid knowledge base in adsorption principles, has allowed us to investigate a wide variety of issues related to adsorbents and adsorption processes. Lab scale and pilot scale pressure and vacuum swing processes have been constructed as well as auxiliary equipment procured to measure kinetics and equilibrium of gaseous-adsorbent systems. A variety of adsorbent synthesis and characterization equipment is in place to permit the development and analysis of novel adsorbents as well as help in plant troubleshooting.  Powerful simulation tools have been developed to design and evaluate new adsorbents and adsorption processes.


  Contact us:

Dr. Paul A. Webley

Associate Dean, Research

Adsorption Research Group

Department of Chemical Engineering

Monash University

Wellington Road

Clayton, 3800

Victoria, Australia


(03) 9905-3628  ph.

(03) 9905-9602  fax.






Last updated: 24 August, 2007