Stephen McCormick


I am a Ph.D. student of Professor Robert Bartnik and Dr Todd Oliynyk at Monash University, Australia. Primarily my research interests are centred in the field of mathematical general relativity, particularly mass in general relativity and the initial data formulation. Mathematical relativity relies heavily on the techniques of geometric analysis, differential geometry, PDEs and calculus of variations. As such, I am also interested in many problems in these related areas.

I am currently finishing up my thesis and should be submitted very soon. The main results of this include proving linearisation stability of Einstein-Yang-Mills equations on an asymptotically flat manifold and establishing a condition for stationarity based on the first law of black hole thermodynamics.

I keep a mathematics/physics blog aimed at a lay audience - Casual Calculations. Recently it's not been getting very much attention but hopefully I'll get back to regularly posting when my thesis is submitted.
I also have set up Twitter accounts posting the RSS feeds from arXiv's General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology and Analysis of PDEs listings. These are very rudimentary feeds, so if anybody who knows what they're doing can help get these feeds displaying (and linking to) authors feel free to contact me.