Monash Cybersecurity Reading Group


Welcome to the Monash Cybersecurity Reading Group (MCSRG) web page. We are a research group of academics and students, based at the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. We share a common interest in all aspects of cyber security and meet to read and discuss recent papers on topics of interest to the group. More information on the group's activities is available below. Group meetings times and discussion topics are advertised below. Meetings are held at Room G12A, 14 Rainforest Walk, Clayton Campus, Monash University, unless otherwise advised. Visitors are welcome. For more information, please contact Ron Steinfeld (


Group Meetings

            Short biography of presenter: Daniel Xiapu Luo is an assistant professor in the Department of
            Computing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His current
            research interests are in the areas of mobile and network security,
            software engineering, blockchain, and Internet measurement. His work
            was published in major academic conferences and journals (e.g., USENIX
            etc.). He received four Best Paper Awards from INFOCOM 2018, ISPEC
            2017, ATIS 2017, ISSRE 2016, respectively, and one Best Student Paper
            Award from IFIP SEC 2007. Besides academia, his research has
            contributed to the industry (e.g., discovering vulnerabilities in
            applications, etc.) and appeared in major industrial conferences
            (e.g., HITCON, BlackHat, etc.).  Regular Presenting Group Members (in alphabetic order of first name):

  • Amin Sakzad
  • Bin Yu
  • Joseph Liu
  • Muhammed Esgin
  • Ron Steinfeld
  • Shabnam Kasra Kermanshahi
  • Shangqi Lai
  • Trung Dinh
  • Wilson Alberto Torres