Prowler's Lair

Who is Prowler ?

This website is a holding place for various information I wish to make public. Some of them are work related, some are papers I've written, some are my thoughts and yet others are things of interest to me.


One of my creative passions is photography. This is a website by its own right and is all about my photographic interests.


Mostly work I've done as part of my MBA, but I might include other work as well if I feel like its of value.

Work Related information

Various bits of information relating to my work that maybe of interest to others

Projects I'm working on

Mainly work related projects.

Proposals I've written

List of proposals and recommendations I've made for Monash ITS. Some I've written and provided to be actioned on. Others are recommendations and proposals I think are of value, but have left up to the organisation to find and decide on its value.
(Access restricted to the Monash community)


Programs I've written that are made available for public use

My Qualifications and Experience

Ok so I figure some people might be interested in my qualifications and experiences. So I've given a brief run through of it here. It is by no means exhaustive, nor is it particularly detailed. This is just an overview of things, the way I wish to share it with the world.

Photo gallery

Here are the photo galleries which are shared out with the world.

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