Large Sponsored Projects


*  2010: Australia India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF). Under AISRF initiative, competed and won over A$600K overall for the project on computer based “Genetic modeling of cyanobacteria for solar bio-fuel generation”. At Monash, jointly with Prof Ross Coppel, (Deputy Dean faculty of medicine, Monash), we are awarded approx. A$326K from the Australian Government (through the department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research) while at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB), our research counterpart, Prof Pramod Wangikar receives  equivalent of A$300K by the Indian Government for this collaborative research.


*  2008: Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project (DP): Chief Investigator on 200 K project administered from Griffith University, Australia



Strategic Monash Masdar Research Grant for International Collaboration


*  2010: Received 10K from Monash – Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (UAE) Strategic Fund Initiative. As Chief Investigator, jointly with A/Prof Jacob Crandell from MIST, UAE, secured funds for the project in the emerging area of Carbon EmissionTrading.


Monash Small Grants (totalling over A$70 K)


*  2005: “Multimodal inputs in virtual reality system”. (jointly with Dr. B. Richardson and Mr T. Hankinson)


*  2005: “Modelling and inferencing of gene regulatory network” (Jointly with A/Prof Trevor Dix, Clayton Campus)


*  2003: “Can dominance of one sense over another help in virtual reality system design?”. (jointly with Dr. Barry Richardson, Arts faculty)


*  2003: “Application of neural network techniques for turbogenerator control”. (jointly with Dr. J.Kamruzzaman GSIT)


*  2002: “Optimal allocation of resources in computational grid”. (jointly with A/Prof B. Nath, GSIT)


*  2000: “Teching grant for courseware development” with Univerrsity of Melbourne and GSIT for development of web based courseware. ((jointly with A/Prof D. Novak, Uni of Melbourne)


*  1999: “Optimal controller design for a large scale system” Research Grant from the Engineering faculty in 1999.


Sponsored Consultancy:

*  National Power Grid of Australia (1996)


*  ESAA(Electricity Supply Association of Australia):(1997)


*  Powercor, Victoria:(1999)


*  PowerNet:(1999)