Past admin and professional contributions at Monash




(i)       Member of Honours working party formulated to design the honours curriculum as a part of the faculty’s restructuring

(ii)     Member of two SIG (Special Interest Groups), namely: a) SIG for Computer programming unit, FIT1002 and b) SIG for System analysis and Design, FIT2001.

(iii)    Member of the school executive committee till 2005.

(iv)     Worked as ‘Director’ of Undergraduate Studies and also as Course Leader, GSIT for BIT program.

(v)      GSIT representative at Faculty Education Committee.

(vi)     Course coordinator’ at GSIT for Honours program.

(vii)   Programming discipline group leader.

(viii) School representative for ‘diploma of foundation studies’.

(ix)    Chaired ‘schools education committee’ meetings.

(x)      Involved in activities such as

*   Accreditation of the courses with external agency namely ACS (Australian Computer Society)

*   Credit assessment of various courses and also for individual students.

*   Organisation of workshop related to ‘assessment and examination issues’

*   Contribution to development of a new and revised course structure for the school.

*   Visiting nearby schools for apprising school students about IT

(xi)    Proactive member of various discipline groups.

(xii)   Worked on committees for quality assurance of the teaching programs.

As coordinator of 'Industry Experience' work and 'Industry Placement' for project students.

(xiii) Worked as Project Manager for the collaborative Monash (GSCIT)/University of Melbourne multimedia project grant on courseware development.

(xiv)  As a team member, organised workshop related to teaching enhancement.

(xv)      Monash University Representative, on the Climate Change Consultative Committee of LaTrobe city council, Victoria.

(xvi)  Group leader: Faculty Task Force on sustainability.



Technical committee member, IEEE TENCON 2004

Reviewed papers for Journals and Conferences such as Elsevier, IEEE CEC2005 etc.