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Vegetarian Risotto

Ingredients and Method

3/4 cup rice (Arboro, but I have used Doongarra -low GI Basmati & somewhat sticky)
Heat 50 mL olive oil, stir in rice until all grains covered Add 50 mL wine (if none available use 50 mL water + dash or 2 of vinegar) & stir till mostly evaporated.
Add 2 cups of vegetable stock Bring to boil then simmer covered for 10 minutes
Switch heat off and let stand undisturbed for 10 minutes.

Vegie mix

Can vary this a lot but add baby spinach leaves (2-3 cups) plus 3 -4 of the following: mushrooms, capsicum, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, olives.

Cook the mushrooms and capsicum to soften (dry fry with spray of olive oil), add zucchini, sundried tomatoes and olives to warm through. Haven't tried this but some sauteed onion (1/2 medium) & garlic (1/2 tsp) should work well too

Open Stir in prepared vegies and serve and 2-3 tablespoons of tomato paste (with herbs and garlic prebought or add in your own, 1/2 tsp garlic, basil, could even use a pesto I guess)

Garnish with shaved parmesan (optional)

Serve straight away - it will keep for later but when preparing this way can lose heat quickly with vegie addition.

Non-vegetarian version

Use chicken stock instead of vegetable

Fry onion/ garlic, add chicken or prawns etc till brown add veg as desired to form the mix to add to cooked rice.