Chilli Fry BBQ Chicken Wings

(can use drumettes, chicken breast, pork, prawns or Egg Plant also)

Cut off wing tips then separate two remaining parts

Remove skin if you wish

Put in a bowl then marinate with light soya sauce (enough to coat)

Add garlic and ginger -1 tsp per half kilo wings

1 full tsp of sambal oelek, sprinkle of sugar

couple of splashes of tomato sauce, bit of salt, mix with hands or spoon.

Oil the pan, then leaving marinade in bowl, fry till brown, remove chicken to another bowl

Add back to pan finely diced small onion to small amount of oil & fry till brown

Add marinade back in then simmer it for a little while -you can add a little more tomato sauce, vinegar, chilli, sugar, water etc. if too dry

Pour over chicken.

Alternative for kids: leave out the chilli