Serum Collection & Testosterone RIA Instructions



Serum Collection

  • Remove blood from mouse
  • Leave blood at room temperature for 2 hours +
  • Using tweezers remove clotted blood from bottom of tube (a conical blood clot usually forms at the bottom of the tube)
  • Spin blood at 5000rpm for 3mins at 4 degrees
  • Remove serum from the top of the tube, avoiding rbcs, etc. at the bottom of the tube. Put supernatant/serum into a fresh tube.
  • Put in the freezers until required

Testosterone RIA Assay Kit

MP Biomedical
P.O. Box 187
167 Prospect Hwy, Unit 12
Seven Hills NSW 2147

+61 2 9838 7422
+61 2 9838 7390


Kit can run 82 samples or 41 samples with double counts for each. Double counts for test groups is highly recommended for more accurate results (results are easily affected by procedure)


  • FACs tubes (82 per kit)
  • Serum Samples
  • Pipettes (50,100,500 m l)
  • Vortex
  • Centrifuge (2500rpm)
  • Water Bath
  • Aspirator
  • Gamma counter (I 125)

(Requires Gamma Counter)

Click Here To Download Analysis Excel Spreadsheet

Before Starting

  • Number tubes in numerical order (matches RIA printout)
  • Write a key tagging each sample to the associated number
  • This is important, the printout is numerical. This makes analysis 10x easier!
  • Be overly careful to ensure loading samples into the correct tube
  • After loading samples the experiment is simple

See leaflet enclosed in the kit for full RIA protocol