T-Pump Implantation

  1. Mice are anaesthetised using an inhaled 4% isofluorane/oxygen mix. Mice are also given Carprofen s.c. (0.1ml/10g) for pain relief.
  2. Following anaesthetisation lay the mouse on its stomach and swab the operative region with 70% ethanol.
  3. Make a 1cm lateral incision through the skin along the animals’ dorsal surface.
  4. Push the end of a closed pair of surgical scissors under the skin and gently make a pocket for the implant by opening the end of the scissors slightly.
  5. Place the implant under the skin by gently pushing it into the place made by the scissors.
  6. Close the incision using a box stitch (hide the knot as mice that are housed together will often pick at each other’s stitches).
  7. Mice should then be placed on a heat pad until fully recovered.