Skin Grafting



Donor Skin Preparation

Kill donor mice

Remove tail skin with minimal handling

Cut skin into 0.5x0.5cm squares

discard the edges in case they sustained damage during removal

Store in sterile PBS while recipient mice are prepared


Graft Recipient Preparation

Anaethetise recipients with 4% isoflourane/oxygen gas mixture, and maintain via nose cone OR IP injection of 0.3mg xylazine hydrochloride (Rhomazine 20; Jurox, Australia) and 1.5mg ketamine hydrochloride (Ketalar; Parke-Davis , Australia ) in 300 microlitres PBS

Shave chest using clippers and excise a 0.5x0.5cm section of skin

Cauterise any bleeding blood vessels and flush the graft bed with sterile saline



Trim donor skin to size and lay flat on the graft bed, with hair growning in the opposite direction to the recipients

Cover the graft with Bactigras gauze (Smith+Nephew, England) and wrap firmly with Vetrap bandaging tape (3M Animal Care Products, USA) preprepared with arm holes cut into it to stabilise the dressing

Remove dressing after seven days and monitor mice daily for graft rejection

Syngenic and allogenic grafts can be grafted onto each mouse as internal acceptance controls

Keep both donor and recipient of the same sex to avoid male-associated antige-mediated graft rejection