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Paraffin wax sections for immuno fluorescence

Tannic Acid Tissue Preparation:

  1. Place organ(s) in 0.5% tannic acid / methanol, O/N, 4°C

  2. Remove organs from tannic acid and put into methanol and wash x3 changes, 10 min

  3. Remove organs from methanol and put into ethanol and wash x3 changes,10 min.

  4. Remove organs from ethanol and put into histosol and wash x2 changes, 30 min and 1x 60 min.

  5. Remove organs from histosol and place in cassettes. Place in fresh wax 2x 120 min.

  6. Embed organs in paraffin and allow to cool

  7. Cut block on microtome as for formalin fixed tissues